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The film works of Morten Dysgaard, written by curator Liberty Peterson

The film works of Morten Dysgaard explore cultural identity and its multi-layered representation systems. Through his raising of questions about the
constructed identity of the characters in his work, he centralizes the viewer, requesting that they answer based on their own values, perspectives and cultural understanding.
In Dysgaard’s recent work The presence of another door he characteristically explores his subject matter of cultural identity, nationality and contemporary stereotypes.

The presence of another door, HD on DVD, 6:00 min. ed. 6+2A.P., © 2007

The presence of another door
tells the narrative of a man from Pakistan and a man from America, who are not able to see each other, despite living in the same room. Whether or not it’s the same or two culturally distinctive persons, is up to the viewer to decide. As with many of Dysgaard’s works, The presence of another door starts by presenting the
viewer with their expected reality, as they know it, before breaking it; shattering the viewer’s expectations and highlighting issues of cultural ignorance.
The language of Dysgaard’s films and his deconstruction of identity and its representation systems are reminiscent of the Ingmar Bergman film Persona, in which the two main characters switch personalities, resulting in the differences between the characters becoming blurred and displaced. Dysgaard’s recent works specifically explore the distinctions between the Middle East and West, playing with the viewer’s perception by interchanging characters and blurring the focus of what is considered to be the hereditary characteristics of two contrasting cultures.

The End of the Face, HD on DVD, 6:00 min. ed. 6+2A.P., © 2007

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