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Geboren / born 1976 in Kopenhagen / Copenhagen, Denmark
Lebt und arbeitet in Kopenhagen / lives and works in Copenhagen



1999-2006 Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark.
1999-1998 Manuscript and film development at the media production department in Ballerup, Denmark.

Awards and grants
The Danish Arts Council, 2007
The Danish Arts Foundation, 2007
Den Hielmstierne-Rosencroneske Stiftelse, 2007
The Danish Arts Council, The eye in the door, 2007
Københavns Billedkunstudvalg, Once the came is set-up, grant, 2007
The Danish International Arts Council, 2006
The Danish Arts Council, 2006
Sleipnir, grant, 2006
Danish Playwrights' and Screenwriters' Guild, grant, 2006
Danish Film Directors, grant, 2006
Ragnvald & Ida Blix’ Fond, grant, 2006
Billedhug., prof. Gottfred Eickhoff og Hustru, Maleren Gerda Eickhoffs Fond, grant, 2006
Københavns Billedkunstudvalg, Timebandits, grant, 2005
The Danish arts council, Timebandits, 2005
Ingeniør Ernst B. Sunds Fond, Timebandits, grant, 2005
Montana, Timebandits, grant, 2005

2006 Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, San Fransisco, CA

Solo exhibitions
2005 “Singular Plural” Q Gallery, DK.

Selected groupshows and screenings
"The Time of Distance", FIELD, Berlin & Maa-Tila, Helsinki
“13th Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean”, Puglia, Italy
“37th edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam”, Netherlands
“Dead pan Exchange III”, The Lab, San Francisco, USA
“The eye in the door”, Copenhagen, Denmark
“Blacklight”, Copenhagen, Denmark
“Master of the impossible”, The impossible gallery, San Francisco
“Trunk - the Nordic Art Video Festival“, Cinema Regina, Östersund, Sweden
“Look Forward to Seeing It: The Discipline of Anticipation”, The Lab, San Francisco, USA
“Reich und Schön müssen leider draussen bleiben”, Field, Berlin, Germany

“The eye in the door”, DK - upcoming (curator and artist)
“The Manhattan Short Film Festival”, USA - upcoming
“International Panorama of Independent Filmmakers”, GR
“Ohne Kohle festival, Filmcasino, Masters of the Impossible”, AT
“Homobellicus – A genealogy of war”, Berlin, DE
“Time bandits”, Karlskrona Konsthall, SE
“Deadpan Exchange II“, DE
“Once the camera is set up”, Fung Sway, DK (curator and artist)
“Annual artist show”, USA
“Société des nations”, CH
“Exit”, Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand, DK
“As time goes by”, Galleri Massma, SE
“Time Bandits”, Råhuset, DK (curator and artist).
“Outvideo”, artPolitika, Ekaterinburg, RU
“Electric Ladyland”, Berlin, DE
“Værgeløse/Salon 19:00, Værløse Biograf, DK
“V_Platform”, Pixel Gallery, Copenhagen, DK.
“Generator”, Fragtmandshallerne, Copenhagen, DK.
“Repetition”, Malmö Konsthall, Malmö, SE.
"Who´s the story Teller", Kiasma museum, Helsinki, FIN.
"Who´s the story Teller", Landmark, Bergen, NO
"Who´s the story Teller", Kongliga Konsthögskolan, Stockholm, SE.
"Who´s the story Teller", Overgaden, Copenhagen, DK
Courtisane film festival, Gent, Belgien.
“Mov”, Videoscreenings arranged by Marius Dybwad-Brandrud
in Göteborg, SE and in Stockholm, SE.
Medi@terra International art and technology festival and
symposium in Athen, Greese.
OFF OFF cinema, Copenhagen, Dk.

“The presence of another door”, 2007, HD on DVD, Single-channel video
“End of the face”, 2007, HD on DVD, Single-channel video
“The owner of a twisted lipstick”, 2007, DVcam on DVD, Single-channel video
“The picture of an invented body” (6:30), 2006, HDV on DVD, Single-channel video
“The area by the invisible door II” (12:00), 2005, DV-cam on DVD, part of a multi-channel installation.
“The area by the invisible door” (10:20), 2005, DV-cam on DVD, part of a multi-channel installation.
“Refusal and depiction” (10:30), 2005, DV-cam on DVD, part of a multi-channel installation.
“The room in between”(1:00), 2004, DV-cam on DVD, Single-channel video.
“Strecth of the gaze”(1:00), 2004, DV-cam on DVD, Single-channel video.
“Artificial Documentaries 1-3”(43:00), 2003, Hi8 on DVD, Multi-channel installation on 3 Monitors.
“Clean Being”(3:30), BETA/SP on DVD, Single-channel video.
“Reconnected/connected”(3:00), S-VHS on DVD, Single-channel video.
“Input/output”(3:30), BETA/SP on DVD, Single-channel video.

“The area by the invisible door” 2005, DV-cam on DVD, 2 channel video installation
“Haunted by projections” 2004, Toilet installation with text and mirror.
“Straight story” 2003, DV-cam on DVD, 4 channel video installation.

Curatorial Projects
Cultures as one, 2008
The eye in the door, 2007
Once the camera is setup, 2007
Time Bandits, 2006

Dictionary, DK
Hot Apricot, Copenhagen/London
Exit, Denmark
Time Bandits, Denmark
Værgeløse, Denmark
RR_O2, Vienna, Austria
Who´s the story Teller, Finland
SEARCH Video Magazine No. 7
SEARCH Video Magazine No. 6

Selected workshops, seminars ect.
“Slowly learning to survive the desire to simplify” – A symposium on critical documents, Iaspis and Nifca, Stockholm, 2006
“Author, Subjects, Objects”, Seminar with Gerard Byrne, artist based in Dublin, 2006
“Sound”, Workshop with Natascha Sadr Haghighian, artist based in Berlin, 2006
“Reading Freud”, Seminar with Anders Kreuger, writer and curator based in Stockholm and Lund, 2006
“Post-nuclear cinema in Japen”, Seminar with Clemens Kruemmel, Berlin based curator, editor of Texte zur Kunst, 2006
“After the act – performativity and mediality”, Seminar with Barbara Clausen. Art historian and curator working in Vienna, 2005
“Voice-over/voide under”, Workshop with Fiona Tan, Artist and filmmaker based in Amsterdam, 2005
“International Conference on Deleuze”, 2005
“Deleuze on film”, Seminar with Anders Kreuger, writer and curator based in Stockholm and Lund, 2005
“Voices over, voices off on theories and practices for employing the voice in ceontemporary art, film and video”, Workshop with Matthew Buckingham, Artist and filmmaker based in New York, 2005
“The politic of the picture after Hollywood”, Seminar with Simon Sheikh, Writer, critic and curator based in Berlin and Copenhagen, 2005
“Film, Theory, History” Seminar with Arine Kirstein, Film critic based in Copenhagen, 2005
“Gender and identity – Sexual violence and the borders of political communities research processes of artistic work”, Workshop with Taru Elfving, Art historian, researcher, writer and curator based in London, 2005
“The media theory of Walter Benjamin”, Seminar with Erik Granly, Ph.D, post.doc. in Modern Culture, 2004
“Deleuze, Cinema 1 and Cinema 2, Seminar with Anders Kreuger, Writer and curator, based in Lund and Stockholm, 2004
“Secret Sounds”, workshop with Jacob Kirkegaard, sound artist based in Berlin, 2004
“Haunting: Narrative strategies in contemporary video art”, Seminar with Taru Elfving, writer, curator based in London and Eija-Liisa Ahtila, artist based in Helsinki, 2004
“Creolising Vision”, Seminar with Isaac Julien, artist and film instructor based in London, 2004
“Silence in the class”, Workshop with Karl Holmqvist, Artist based in Stockholm
“Only the clouds remain the same”, Seminar with Matthew Buckingham, Artist and filmmaker based in New York, 2004

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The film works of Morten Dysgaard, written by curator Liberty Peterson

The film works of Morten Dysgaard explore cultural identity and its multi-layered representation systems. Through his raising of questions about the
constructed identity of the characters in his work, he centralizes the viewer, requesting that they answer based on their own values, perspectives and cultural understanding.
In Dysgaard’s recent work The presence of another door he characteristically explores his subject matter of cultural identity, nationality and contemporary stereotypes.

The presence of another door, HD on DVD, 6:00 min. ed. 6+2A.P., © 2007

The presence of another door
tells the narrative of a man from Pakistan and a man from America, who are not able to see each other, despite living in the same room. Whether or not it’s the same or two culturally distinctive persons, is up to the viewer to decide. As with many of Dysgaard’s works, The presence of another door starts by presenting the
viewer with their expected reality, as they know it, before breaking it; shattering the viewer’s expectations and highlighting issues of cultural ignorance.
The language of Dysgaard’s films and his deconstruction of identity and its representation systems are reminiscent of the Ingmar Bergman film Persona, in which the two main characters switch personalities, resulting in the differences between the characters becoming blurred and displaced. Dysgaard’s recent works specifically explore the distinctions between the Middle East and West, playing with the viewer’s perception by interchanging characters and blurring the focus of what is considered to be the hereditary characteristics of two contrasting cultures.

The End of the Face, HD on DVD, 6:00 min. ed. 6+2A.P., © 2007

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